Dagospia Dago gallery

colours revolution 04

the pipe bearer john frederick lewis 1868

british porcelain 1872

colours revolution 01

whistlers paint tubes 1880

queen victorias mourning dress. 1898

study of a kingfisher john ruskin 1871

anilines view

lady dress

colour revolution 03

kate dyes colours

coloured riello

venice from the porch of madonna della salute j turner

the yellow girl poster for today magazine dudley hardy

womens boots england blue satin over linen 1870

shawl presented to queen victoria kasmir pashmina wool silk 1870

sophie anderson portrait

ramon casas oil on canvas 1899

yellow book cover

jane morriss jewel casket by dg rosetti e elizabeth siddal 1859

dichess louises queen zenobia fancy dress 1897

catalogo colour revolution

ashmolean museum

magenta riello